Polished natural granite shows several surface defects and a good quality is just a matter of chance whereas vitrified tiles are guaranteed for consistent good quality. Marble laying is very cumbersome and time consuming whereas vitrified tiles may be laid in a matter of hours and put to use after 48 hours

Marble has a relatively lower abrasion resistance compared to vitrified tiles. It is calcium carbonate which is strongly attached by Hydrochloric acid which is commonly used in toilet & floor cleaning. It yellows over extended time duration whereas vitrified tiles retain their colour for decades.

Vitrified Tiles have far superior properties compared to marble or natural granite because being a manufactured product their quality is controlled whereas in naturally occurring marble and granite good quality is just a coincidence. Vitrified tiles possess much better mechanical strength, scratch resistance, resistance to acids, alkalis and chemicals, resistance to staining etc compared to marble or natural granite.

Viterified Tiles Pics: