Honing is the process of smoothing the stone with using abrasives (diamond discs). Honing is performed to take away scratches however is not going to take away lippage (uneven tiles). It will, nonetheless, round the sides of the stone, giving a smoother edge and finish to the tile, prior to final finishing (polishing) if required. Honed floors are very popular as they tend to be more forgiving for everyday wear and tear. The muted tones of a honed floor will also be more suited to some decor styles than a highly polished finish. Marble Floor Polishing1 300x225 Services Polishing

The high shine observed on stone is the result of smoothing it with fine abrasives. Most craftsmen during restoration will use diamond abrasives to hone the stone, then swap to a powdered abrasive to achieve the ultimate polish. The abrasive powder is worked into the stone with a floor machine using water and polyester fibre pads. The powder is worked into a slurry until a polish is achieved. The craftsman removes the slurry with a wet-vac or mop and rinses the stone to remove extra powder. It’s a relatively simple process, but requires quite a lot of practice and a detailed understanding of the vagaries of different stone types to achieve a successful restoration.